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Tell Me About Your Last Vacation
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Listen to the interview and choose the best answer.

Where was her last vacation?

California                       Spain               Vietnam 
How was it?

Fantastic!                      Great!             Terrible!

What did she do in the South of the country?

She went  hiking             She went to the beach

 She went swimming        She went  to the mountains                
What did she do in the North of the country?

She went  hiking               She went to the beach

She went swimming          She went  to the mountains                
Did she go alone?

Yes, she did.                  No, she didn’t.

Who did she meet?

 Australians    Children        Families

Farmers          Guides             Soldiers

Did she pay her guide?

Yes, she did                  No, she didn’t.

Was it an expensive trip?

Yes, it’s a very expensive country.              No, it isn’t.

How much did she spend?

1000 $             1500 $             5000 $

Where did she stay?
In a beautiful hotel                   In a camper van

In a hostel                                 In tent

What does she think of local food?

 It was delicious.                         It was strange.             She didn't eat it.
Try to remember as much as you can. TRUE or FALSE?
1)  She was in Vietnam for three months.
2) The South is different from the North.
3) In the South it's very hot.
4) The mountains are in the North.
5) There are many different ethnic groups in the South.
6) She went there with her family.
7) Farmers in Vietnam work in the rice fields.
8) Vietnam is not an expensive country.
9) It's difficult to find accomodation in Vietnam.
10) Vietnamese food is very fried.
11) She ate a lot.





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