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Present Simple Tense worksheet preview
Present Simple Tense

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Present Simple tense worksheet preview
Present Simple tense

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A.   Use the right number to label the picture action verbs.


1.  Clean the windows

2.  Watch TV

3.  Sweep the floor

4.  Wash the dishes

5.  Mop the floor

6.  Cook

7.  Do the laundry

8.  Make the bed

B.   Choose the correct verb tense from Exercise A to complete the sentences.

1.  He the windows.

2.  He TV.

3.  She the floor.

4.  He the dishes.

5.  She the floor.

6.  He .

7.  She the laundry.

8.  He the bed.


C.   Rewrite the sentences by adding the word in parenthesis in the correct place.

1.  Andrea cleans her bedroom. (never)

2.  Daniel cleans his bedroom. (sometimes)

3.  Paul cleans his bedroom. (always)

4.  Tammy cleans her bedroom. (usually)

5.  Joe cleans his bedroom. (often)


D.   Choose the name of people from Exercise C, to complete the chart.





E.   Solve the CRYPTOGRAM and find the six personal characteristics, and then circle these words in the WORD SEARCH PUZZLE.




 15    18     7      1    14     9     26     5     4



   8     5     12    16     6     21   12



      4    25    14     1     13    10     3



   12    1     26    25



   1     3     20     9     22    5



      6     9     20



F.   Complete the sentences with words from the box.


doesn’t – works – live – eat – don’t

1.  The doctor at Unanue Hospital.

2.  We in a small house in Pucusana.

3.  Alvaro study Italian, he studies French.

4.  I like onions, I prefer tomatoes.

5.  Rabbits carrots.


G.   Change the sentences into negative.


1.  I like summer.


2.  We travel by train.

3.  She plays tennis.

4.  Natalia goes to the movies every Sunday.

5.  My parents have a dog.


H.   Choose the right word to complete the text in Simple Present with the verbs in brackets.


Gabriela is a student. She 1) (get up) at 6:00 a.m. every morning.

At 8:00 a.m. 2) (start) classes and 3) (finish) at 2:00 p.m.
Then Gabriela 4) (go) home and 5) (cook) lunch.





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