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WRITING PRACTICE: Linking words in use (connectors, linkers)

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Linking words in use (connectors, linkers)


I- Choose the correct answer:


1-  Amina is an excellent cook her daughter is a terrible one.

2- The injury Amine had was the terrible accident.


3- I have decided to work hard from the beginning  fail the exam.

4- Nabil was late last night   his father punished him. 

II- Rewrite these sentences using the words suggested:


111- The children planted some trees and decorated their classroom.    (not only …. but ….. as well.)


2.  2- I don’t speak German, and I don’t speak Spanish.     (neither…..nor)


3. 3- Some people are millionaire but they are not happy at all.     (although)


4.  4- The doctor advised him not to smoke. He is still smoking.     (in spite of)

5- It was raining heavily. Nevertheless, we went ahead with the garden party.    (despite)

6- The old woman has been injured badly. She has fallen over a stone.  (The reason why ... is that ....)


7- Many African countries suffer from poverty. They are rich in natural resources.     (Even though)


8- The government has launched a project. The government wants to reduce illiteracy rates.   (So that)

9- The teacher rewarded Aziza. Aziza did a nice project.     (That's why)

10- Jamila did not attend the meeting. Her son was ill.      (Due to)