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Letīs learn the shapes!

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1. Watch the video about the shapes and choose the right answer:
2. Answer the questions:
 Model:  Is it a red triangle?        Yes, it is.
           Is it a blue star?              No, it isn't. It's a yellow star.
   Is it a green diamond? 
    Is it a pink rectangle?   
    Is it a black square? 
   Is it a brown oval? 
  Is it a light green diamond? 
 Is it a brown rectangle? 
 Is is pink circle? 
 Is it a red and black circle? 
  Is it a green, purple and blue rectangle? 
  Is it a blue oval? 
  Is it a white square? 
3. How many?
      How many blue ovals?         How many white stars?    How many green diamonds? 
  How many yellow triangles?    How many black circles?   How many orange hearts? 
  How many squares?   How many pink rectangles?       How many black stars?