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Present simple exercise

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                                                                                       Simple present
1. Complete the table with the simple present of these verbs.
 you/we/they he/she/it
 play plays
2. Put the ver in the correct form of the simple present
Rachel  hates (hate) P.E. She doesnt't like (not like) swimming because she (get) her hair wet. She (not enjoy) athletics and she (hate) the high jump. She (hate) it after P.E. becouse when they (change), the smell in the changing rooms is horrible.
3. Complete the questions with Do or Does.
Do you like P.E? Does she go swimming?
1) they do judo?
2) he like sport?
3) she listen to classical music?
4) you play football?
5) they go jogging?
4.Use present tense to complete the text with the correct form of the verbs.
go   play   train   want   pay   watch   dream
Mark Bowditch is fourteen. He   to a normal school in North London. Mark   football for his school team and he   to become a professional footballer. Mark is lucky, because Tottenham Hotspur   him £20 a week to play for one of their youth teams. Every weekend, Mark and the team   with Spurs coach. Sometimes, they   Tottenham play at White Hart Lane. When they do, Mark   of wearing the famous white shirt.