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pronouns exercise

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Use the correct personal pronouns. Watch the words in brackets. 

1)  is smart kid. (George)

2)  is green. (the tree)

3)  are on the table(the DVD player)

4)  is yellow. (the sky)

5)  are watching TV. (my sister and I)

6)  are in the garden. (the flowers)

7)  is swimming. (Tom)

8)  is from England. (Victoria)

9)  has got a brother. (Diana)

10)  is sleeping.(the baby)

11)  is sunny.(the weather)

12)  are on the wall. (the picture)

13)  is running. (the dog)

14)  love shopping.(my parents)

15)  are in the fridge. (the fruit)

16)  is Muslim. (Tamer)

17)  is beautiful. (Sara)

18)  have an exam. (the students)