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Rooms of the house & furniture

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Look at the house of the Simpson family. Name the rooms of the house. 
  1. This is the .
  2. This is the with a small to keep your stuff in.
  3. This is the .
  4. This is the place where you eat, so it's called the .
  5. This is the .
  6. These are the stairs that lead you to the .
  7. This is the .
  8. This is a . Bart and Lisa also use it as a when they're doing their homework.
  9. This is a .
  10. These are the stairs from the downstairs to the upstairs.
Now look at the following pictures and name the pieces of furniture. 
The Simpsons are watching in their comfortable . Homer is sitting on the so nobody can zap to another channel. On the wall you can see a of a boat. Next to Homer there's a small with a and a , that can be switched on when it's dark. On the ground you can see a colourfull
There are a lot of appliances in the kitchen that can help you to cook and work faster and, especially, easier. First of all there's the (1) . The high amount of (2) comes in a handy to store all your food and tools. In the morning you may need a (3) to make some delicious coffee. Bart and Lisa have some cereals every morning and they like eating it from their favourite . The milk is put in the to keep it cold. Homer doesn't like cereals, he prefers pancakes and bacon that Marge baked in her
Marge uses the (4) to wash her hands before she starts preparing breakfast. She doesn't need to do the dishes because there's a (5) in her kitchen. In the afternoon, when the kids are still at school, she likes to bake cakes and pies in the (7) . While she's waiting for her cake, she puts some fruit in the (8) and prepares herself a yummy smoothie.
In the evening she needs to cook dinner and so she puts her and on the (6) . While she's cooking, Bart and Lisa have to put the and crockery on the table: a to eat soup, and a and a for the main dish. They often forget to put some on the table, so they can't drink during their meal.
Bart's room is quite big. He's got a big to sleep in and a with a Krusty the Clown- next to it. Above his bed there's a with all his comic books. There's also a Sideshow Bob he likes looking at.
Next to the door there's a and a where he does his homework. On his desk there's a .  Next to his desk he's got a full of books and toys. In his room there's also a big with yellow
The bathroom is grandpa's favourite room. He likes to take a long, relaxing . Homer and Marge, on the contrary, prefer taking a quick in the morning. When preparing themselves to go to school, Bart and Lisa wash and brush their teeth over the and look in the when brushing their hair. 
In the second picture you see Homer repairing the , after Maggie has put in too much . Against the wall there's the he used to clean himself.