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 1. Simple past or present perfect. Write the correct form of the verb between brackets

   a. We to New York last week (went/have gone)

   b. Because my fathera new job as film director (got / has got)

   c. My mother us an apartment on 42nd Street (found/has found)

   d. But we are still in the hotel; we yet. (didn't move/haven't moved)

   e. Last month, I an advertisement in the NY Times. (saw/have seen)

   f. And I immediatelyan application letter to MGM. (wrote / have written)

   g. Even though I as an actor before. (didn't work/haven't worked)

   h. Unfortunately, I the job. (hasn't got / didn't get)

2. Complete avec must / mustn’t / need to / don't or doesn’t have to

   a. A stuntman have a sense of balance and he be afraid.

   b. For this job you have at least 2 years work experience.

   c. When you're in New York you visit Ground Zero !

   d. Baby sitters be kind and patient.

   e. A mathematician be good with words, he be good with figures.

   f. The producer find money to finance the film.

3. The words in the sentences have been mixed up: put them in order .

   a. before / ? / for / you / fashion magazine / a / worked / have /  ?

   b. appointment / is / to confirm / so difficult / why / ? / it / an /  ?

   c. actress / 20 / an / have / years. / I / been / for / .

   d. money / finance / the / film. / the / must / producer / find / to / .

   e. home / wife. / his / arrives / Hakim / TV / watches / and / with / .

4.   Read the letter and answer the questions






James wants to work in a primary school



He wants to be a juggler



He has never worked in a circus before



He has experience with children



James can practice a lot of sports.



He is clever with his hands and legs.



He wants to be contacted by Email


5.    Write the complete questions you would ask if you want information about :

   a.   work experience       

   b.  worked with children 

   c.  interests   

   d. personality

   e.  special skills

   f. languages