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1. Complete the sentences with the words from the give word bank. Some words may be written more than once and there are some extra words as well.

do �� �� LED�� �� promote�� �� USB�� �� prevent�� �� file-sharing����� GB����� achieved����� organized����� ban����� decrease����� persuade����� blog����� download����� log����� e-mails����� provide����� increase�� �� afraid����� don't����� fancy����� kind����� maybe����� app����� autocomplete����� data����� podcast����� broadband����� username����� webcam����� idea����� made����� provided����� reduced����� be up����� can����� Wi-Fi����� achieve����� replaced����� suffered����� treated����� replace����� love����� can't������ avoid����� social-networking ���� make����� reduce����� start����� suffer����� treat
1.�You should �using plastic bags when you go shopping.
2. �we could meet up at the weekend?
3. They have �a financial catastrophe, but many banks are still paying big bonuses to executives.
4. Supermarkets have �their sales of organic food.
5. Do you ���going out tonight?
6. You can download this �for your smartphone, but you have to pay for it.
7. Green organisations are trying to �the sales of hybrid cars.
8. Online encclopaedias �a lot of information , but not all of it is reliable.
9. "Maybe we could play tennis on Sunday?" " Yes, I'd �gor that."
10. We can't �flights but we can try to reduce the number of them.
11. "Why don't we go away for the weekend?" "Yes, I'd �to."
12. We have �carbon emissions , which will help slow down gobal warming.
13. It's going to be difficult for governments to �the aims they have set themselves.
14. "What about having a barbecue?" " "No, I don't �doing that."
15. If I don't hear my favourite radio show, I can download the �for free.
16. Why �we have a meal next week then?
17. When I get home from school I immediately �onto my computer and answer my . We've got �so it's really fast. Then I write my �for the day and I might �some music too.
18. It's �of you to ask but I already have plans.
19. It's easy to transfer photos from your camera. Just connect it to the �port.
20. He downloaded Lady Gaga's new album from this �website.
21. I'm �I can't. I'll be in London.
22. I've got a great �on my mobile. It shows where the nearest restaurants are.
23. Many countries �catastrophes ike earthquakes and volcanic eruptions every year.
24. My laptop has a buil-in , so it is easy to video chat.
25. We can �carbon emissions if we walk or cycle to school instead of going by car.
26. She needs to create a/an �and a password to use this website.
27. "How about watchinf a DVD later?" " Sorry, I ."
28. Scientists will have �many medical discoveries by 2050.
29. Your webcam needs to be connected to the �port of the computer.
30. Bruce met his girlfriend on a popular �website.
31. You haven't �us with all the information we need.
32. Doctors use antibiotics to �many of the infections caused by bacteria.
33. If we are going to �colonies on Mars, we should make sure there is water there first.
34."Why don't you take a break now?" " Great �!"
35. Doctors have already �some illnesses with gene therapy.
36. Dave bought a new laptop with a 300 �hard drive.
37. Galileo used a telescope to �his fanmous discovery of the moons of Jupiter.
38. I've bought a new �display with a 21-inch screen for my desktop computer.
39.�The cafe near�our school has a hight-speed �hotspot, so we can check our emails there.�
40. I really like the �function on this search engine. It's very good at guessing what I'm looking for.
2. Read the definitions and complete the compound nouns.
  1. Members of a team play this popular American sport with a� bat and a ball.���
  2. You use this for opening tins of food.
  3. This is made of plastic, cloth or metal and you use it to measure lenght.
  4. You press this to turn on the lamp.
  5. You use this to clean your teeth with toothpaste.
  6. This shows the time and wakes you up in the morning.
3. Complete the text. Choose the correct answers A, B, C or D
The world's population will 1 reach seven billion this week, according to the United Nations. The number is growing by 200,000 people a day, and experts predict that, by the end of this century, it 2reach ten billion.

3 growing very slowly for most of human history, the number of people on Earth has more than doubled in the last 50 years. Official estimates say that eight billion of us 4 in the world in 2025, and ten billion 5the end of the century.

Experts reckon the speed of growth 6 an increasing danger to citizens, as there will not be enough food for everyone in the world. Of the 2.3 billion people the UN believes 7 by 2050, more than one billion will live in Africa, and India 8 about 630 million more people. If this happens, it 9 less land and water available for each person.

But, despite the problems the world is facing, Under-Secretary-General of the UN, Dr Noeleen Heyzer, says that she hopes 10 the seven billionth child of the world have a better chance than ever of surviving past the age of five. The life expectancy for both women and men has increased in every Asian and Pacific country during the past decade, Dr Heyzer added.

1 A seems�������B may�������C might������D probably

2 A could������B probably������C possibly������D likely

3 A After������B Soon������C Until������D When

4 A are living������B have been living�������C will be living������D will have lived

5 A as soon as�������B before�������C from������D while

6 A present�������B presented�������C to present������D will present

7 A are being born B������ are born�������C have been born�������D will have been born

8 A has added�������B is adding������C will add�������D would have added

9 A had meant�������B has meant�������C will have meant�������D will mean

10 A are seeing�������B see���������C seeing�������D to see

4. Form as many VERB + NOUN collocations as you can using the given verbs and nouns.
defeat������a tyre������a fashion������ilnesses������a speech������patients������a catastrophe������a bussiness������
animals������waste���������the batteries������damaged parts������a colony������natural disasters������speed����������������������
an anouncement������carbon emissions������a discovery������
VERBS :����SUFFER��������������REDUCE����������������START�����������������TREAT���������������MAKE������������REPLACE
����������������������������������� ����������������������
���������������������������������� �����������������������