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At the Twits

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Meals at the Twits

What did Mr Twit do yesterday. Find the past tense if the verb.
Mr Twit  not even bother to open his mouth wide when he . As a result (and because he never ) there always hundreds of bits of old breakfasts and lunches and suppers sticking to the hairs around his face. They  not big bits, mind you, because he to wipe those off with the back of his hand or on his sleeve while he was eating. But if you closely (not that you’d ever want to) you see tiny little specks of dried-up scrambled eggs stuck to the hairs, and spinach and tomato ketchup and fish fingers and minced chicken livers and all the other disgusting things Mr Twit to eat.

Because of all this, Mr Twit never really hungry. By sticking out his tongue and curling sideways to explore the hairy jungle around his mouth, he always able to find a tasty morsel here and there to nibble on.

What I am trying to tell you is that Mr Twit a foul and smelly old man.