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2nd grade english test 3

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2nd grade English test 3

Exercise 1. Chose “a” or “an”


a) This is   table.                                  b) This is    sofa.     

c) This is    armchair.                           d) This is   ice-cream. 

e) This is     kite.                                 f) This is  orange.
g) This is   box.                                    h) This is   apple.


Exercise 2. Fill in the colour-words   blue, red, yellow, green


                                                             The frog is

The duck is .          

                                                            The dolphin is 

The parrot is .       


Exercise 3. Write the missing letter in the number-words.


    s i x               6                             eiht            8                              sven    7                                                                                                                                                                              ne             1                             nne            9                              fur         4



Exercise 4. Choose “is” or “are”.


a) This     my mother.              

b) These      four frogs.      

c) These      nine little robots.      

d) This       her bag.              


Exercise 5. Choose and tick.


                                        Knock at the door!           Open the door! 



Open your book!               Sit down!          


                           Stand up!          Come in!     


Close the door!             Clap your hands!        


Exercise 6. Choose: singular or plural.