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Tags (to be)

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Tags (to be)
Finish these sentenses with a tag. Use the verb 'to be'.

A. Choose the correct alternative
1. This breakfast is wonderful,

2. These postcards arenít for Grandad,

3. The road is very dangerous,

4. We are quite big,

5. The post office is not on the corner,

6. It isnít like the army,

7. Those stamps are twenty-five pence,

8. Itís nearly lunch-time,

9. You are tired,

10. These beds arenít too soft,

B. Fill in the blanks

1. They are nice people, ?

2. Those little monkeys are not rolling in the mud again, ?

3. You are doing English with Mister Sebel, ?

4. Tom is fast asleep, ?

5. Our garden is too small for a dog or a cat, ?

6. Our technology lessons are at a quarter to nine, ?

7. You arenít doing English now, ?

8. Heís not a stupid boy at all, ?

9. We are not drinking coffee now, ?†

10. Tom is looking at Jerry all the time, ?

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