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So such

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 so such such a such an

1. The film is  boring.

2. It is  boring film.

3. They are very  nice people.

4. I have  much work to do.

5. They said  bad things!

6. It really looks very  nice.

7. The kitten is  small.

8. I have  friend.
9. I made  stupid mistake!
so such such a such an

1. The weather in autumn is  dull [drûms].

2. We bought  many things.

3. I am reading about  interesting people.

4. They had  many questions.

5. My child sometimes asks  extraordinary things.

6. The meal was  tasty.

7. The air is  cold.

8. There was  little we could do.

9. I feel  miserable.

10. The test was  terrible.
11. There was  intersting picture!