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1)  Complete the definitions with one of the following 'crimes':
1-   the act of following a person or animal as closely as possible without being seen or heard.
2-  to take things or people to or from a country or place illegally and secretly.
3-   the crime of intentionally killing a person.
4-  offensive sexual suggestions or actions (for example, in the workplace).
5-  to illegally take a person away by force, usually in order to demand money inexchange for that person’s release.
6-  the action of moving money which has been earned illegally through banks and other business, to make it seem to have been earned legally.
7-  the crime of intentionally starting a fire in order to damage or destroying something, esp. a building.
8-  to force someone to give you control of a vehicleaircraft, or ship that is in the middle of a trip.
9-  the crime of obtaining money or property by deceiving people.
10-  the crime of illegally entering a building and stealing things.
11-  the practice of attacking and stealing from ships at sea. / Illegal copying.
12-  to force someone to have sex when he or she is unwilling.
13-  to take goods illegally from a store without paying for them.
14-  the act of using another person’s idea or a part of that person's work and pretend that it is your own.
15-   intentional damage of public or private property.
2) Now listen to the words: