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The VErb TO BE: am-is -are

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am      is  are 
 The cat  blue.
I a girl.
The banana funny.
The elephant big.

The apples red.
The butterfly cute.
The hats  brown.
The star yellow.

 The balloons  purple.
I a happy clown.
The frog green.
The umbrellas  colorful.
The rabbit small.
The planes  new.
I  a cool boy.
The penguin  fat.
The pencils old.
The camera  good.
The mouse short.
The oranges  big.
The bee nice.
I  a red bird.
It  an eraser.
The cars on the desk.
I  hungry dog.
The eggnot good.
The bears  small.
The hippo purple.
a bad spider.
The book not pink.
The igloo cold.

The buses  yellow.
The octopus sad.
I  a scary lion.
The monkey brown.
The balls under the chair.
My pen pink.
The avocado tasty.
The trees  in the garden.
I  an ant. I  small .