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Listening and Reading: You Raise Me Up sung by Becky Taylor

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Listening and Reading Comprehension: You Raise Me Up

performed by Becky Taylor

Watch the video and do the following exercises


Tick the words that you can hear


When I am down and, oh my   sole  soul, so weary;

When troubles   struggles come and my heart burdened be;

Then, I am  still   steel and   weight  wait here in the silence,

Until you come and sit awhile  while with me.


Match the beginning and the end of the lines in the Chorus. Write the letters in the boxes.

                                                                 You raise me up,                                  A I am on your shoulders;

           You raise me up, to                             B  up to more than I can be.

I am strong, when                                    C  walk on stormy seas;

             You raise me                                          D so I can stand on mountains;



Choose the words that you can hear.

There is life - no life without hunger;

Each restless heart so imperfectly;

But when you come and I am with wonder,

Sometimes, I I glimpse eternity.


Read a short text about Becky Taylor's singing career and fill in the table that follows the text.

Child sensation Becky Taylor was born in London in 1988. At the age of eight she won the Thorndike Theatre Talent Competition, a prestigious competition that pitted her against performers three times her age. She ended up winning a British Arts Award at age ten, and made her television debut the same year. She fell in love with singing at an early age, and tried to cultivate that aspect of her career until her parents finally convinced an EMI representative to listen to their daughter. She released her debut album in September of 2001, Dream Come True, filled with songs from movies and musicals that she loved.


                                                         Year of Birth
                                                         Place of Birth
                                                         Awards, year
                                                       Debut album released (month year)
                                                      Title of debut album