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Speaking Assignment

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Speaking Assignment
Hello dear students,
This is the interview that you have to present this semester. It has these parts:
1. Introduce yourself: 
Hello, I am Karen. I am 27 years old, I am from Barranquilla, Colombia. I am an english teacher and I am studying a master degree in English teaching. I work at UNAD University  and I speak English, Spanish and French.
2. Talk about a trip you are planning by using the future tense structures and the present progressive.
Next holiday, I am going to San Andrés Islands in Colombia. I am going to buy the plane tickets tomorrow and I am going to book a suite in the best hotel. I am going to the beach with my family and two friends, then we are going to visit the Aquarium and we are going to go scuba-diving. At night, we are planning to go to Luna Verde festival and have dinner together.
I hope that this time we are going to have fun.
3. Talk about your obligations and duties. Use the modal verbs: should, must, ought to, have to.
I go to work at 7 am everyday. I must park in the parking lot, so I do not get a ticket from the police. At work, we should recycle all the paper from the office and we usually have to keep it clean. In the afternoon, I finish work at 5 and I must be at the University around 6:30 pm. Our teacher is very punctual and strict. There, we must not wear uniform but we must dress well. Before class, I should eat something because the classes finish around 10 pm.

4. Talk about a film, series. tv program etc. that you have seen recently. Explain why do you like it or not.
I always watch my favorite TV series at night. One of my favorite is Criminal Minds. This series is about a group of detectives who are in charge of profiling people and solving crimes mostly commited by serial killers. The plot is really complex because they deal with different type of psychological problems, insane individuals and dangerous situations. What I like the most of this series is that they use quotes related to the episode and these thoughts make you think critically about daily life.