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1. Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.
          (if the link doesn´t work go to youtube and write: learn english 18-weather)
  •   What´s the weather going to be like next week in Shanghai? 
  •   When did they have severe weather? 
  •   Where is it cooler?
  •   What are going to be the lowest temperatures at night?
2. Complete the crossword.


1.We can watch it on Tv or listen to it on the radio. It tells us what the weather is going to be like tomorrow. 
2. We say this when there are only clouds and the sky is not blue.
3. It´a comparative adjective that we use to describe a lower temperature. 
4.We say this when there are some clouds but the sky is blue. 
5.You can measure these in Celsius or Fahrenheit. 
6.We say this when the weather is really bad, for example when there are strong winds or a storm. 
 3. Look at the pictureS and complete the text.

On friday it will be  with a chance of  on the SOUTH-WEst Coast and  and freezing rain with spells in the North part of the nation. The temperatures will be bitterly .
By Saturday, however, the temperatures will be  than friday and the sun will shine brightly all across the country. In the SOUTH-East we will see during the morning but it will rain later in the afternoon. In the North, the weather will be mainly
On Sunday it´s going to be  than Saturday and the sky will be  in most part of the country, with in the North. However, it will be  on the East Coast.

4. Match the two halves.
a. heavy                    sun/wind 
b. strong                   fog  
c. severe                   cold 
d. thick                     hot 
e. freezing                skies 
f. boiling                   storm 
g. clear                     rain/ snow/ showers