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Learning English with Audioslave

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Like a Stone - Audioslave

Choose the right word


On a cobweb
In a room full of  
By a freeway I
I was  in the pages
Of a book full of  
 how we'll die alone
And if we're good we'll lay to  
Anywhere we want to go

Write the missing Word

In your I long to be
Room by room
I'll for you there

I'll for you there

Put the sentences in the right order

like a pagan to anyone

the sky was bruised

on my deathbed I will pray

to a place I recall

to the gods and the angels

I was there so long ago

and there you led me on

who will take me to heaven

the wine was bled


Find the mistake and correct it if nesessary re-writing the stanza. Write "no mistakes" if there are none.

And on I ride                            
Until the way was gone           
And I sat in regret                    
Of all the sins I've done            
For all that I've dressed            
And all that I've wronged          
In dreams until my breath        
I will wander on