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The very hungry caterpillar

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the very hungry caterpillar
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�Story Patterns
��������color / black and white
Listen to the video story
The Book by Eric Carle

������� �� ���� ������� Write the first letter





uesday onday

������ �� ����� Match the words�������

������� ������ � ���� ��� ��� ���� ��� ��� �����. Listen to the story and write the correct number.

On Monday, he ate through apple.

On Tuesday, he ate through pears.

���On Wednesday,he ate through plums, but he was still hungry.����� �

� On Thursday, he ate through strawberries, but he was still hungry

��� On Friday, he ate through oranges, but he was still hungry.����� ���

Complete the sentences with-

������ ������ ...� :cocoon � butterfly- leaf

���������� .The next day was Sunday
��������!The caterpillar ate through one nice green and he felt much better
�����.���Then he made a �around him and the next day he was a beautiful


Choose the correct day of the week

On� the caterpillar ate through two yellow�.

On� the caterpillar ate through one red.

On� �the caterpillar ate through four red�

On� �the caterpillar ate through� five orange�.

On� the caterpillar ate through three purple .

������� �� ������ ����� ������� ������ ���� :� Read� and complete the story

morning, �� leaf, � egg, �� food,� caterpillar, �� two, �� fat, �� hungry, � �� Friday, � �� butterfly,����� stomachache,���� Saturday,���� apple, � strawberries,� � � Tuesday�,����� ice cream�,������� ��cocoon,������ � green,�� pie,���� � pickle,�� watermelon ,�� three

.A little lay on a���

.One Sunday , a tiny and� caterpillar came out of the egg

.� .�He started to look for some�

.On Monday he ate through one�

On he ate through two pears

.On Wednesday he ate through� plums

.�On Thursday he ate through four�

.On� he ate through five oranges

On� he ate through one piece of cake,

�one cone,��one �slice of cheese,�� one slice of salami,��
.one sausage, one piece of

, one lollipop,and one slice of

.He had a �

.On Sunday he ate through a� leaf

.He wasn�t hungry anymore

...������� He was a big and a ��

.He built a�

.He stayed inside for� � weeks

.He pushed his way out and was a beautiful
???And you? Are you hungry
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ��