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Present Simple or Present Continuous?

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Present Simple or Continuous
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Present Simple or Present Continuous?
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Worksheet: Simple Present or Present Continuous?
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Simple Present or Present Continuous
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Present Simple or Present Continuous?Shocked
  1. Please be quiet! I (work) now!
  2. It (not rain) at the moment.
  3. This shop (open) at eight and (close) at six.
  4. She always (go) to school by bike.
  5. Pst! The baby (sleep).
  6. Tom always (get up) early in the morning.
  7. Look! Peter (juggle).
  8. They (have) their lunch at the moment.
  9. She often (eat) meat.
  10. I rarely (go) to bed before midnight.
  11. Pit (smoke) 19 cigarettes a day.
  12. Jack never (have) breakfast in the morning.
  13. Look! Somebody (swim) in the cold river.
  14. What  you  (do) now? I (listen) to music!
  15. She usually  (wear) black clothes.
  16. Ann often (play) tennis.
  17. Listen! The  boy  (sing) a nice song.
  18. The earth  (move) aroung the sun.
  19. Ice  (melt) in the sun.
  20. Sandy  (be) always late.