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Level: elementary
Age: 8-17
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Music Wordsearch
Level: elementary
Age: 8-17
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Musical Instruments - Wordsearch
Level: elementary
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Musical instruments wordsearch (plus b&w version and key)
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 Music Wordsearch

-A-                               -H-                                Rock
Air                                Hum                               -S-
Artist                            -I-                                  Show
-B-                               Instrument                      Singer
Beat                             Interview                        Song                              
Blues                            -J-                                  Stars
Buy                              Jazz                                 -T-
-C-                              -K-                                 Tune
Classical                       Key                               -V-
Compact Discs             -L-                                 Violin
Compose                     Love                               -W-
Concert                        Lyrics                             Way
Country                        -M-                                Write
-D-                              Metal
Dance                          Music                              The Hidden Word is:
Download                    -O-                                        (14 letters)
Drum                           On                                  
Duo                              Opera                    
-E-                              -P-
Electronic                    Play                          
-F-                              Pop
Fan                             Popular
-G-                             -R-
Guitar                         Radio
Group                         Rap





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