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Adjectives - comparative, superlative, as...as

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1. Write the opposite words:
big hot
cold easy
flat young
near bad
2. Write the comparative and superlative of these adjectives:
3. Choose the correct answer:

4. Make phrases from these pictures:
e.g. as white as snow
5. Read the text and decide whether sentences 1-5 are true (T) or false (F):
The coldest place in the world is in Russian town, Vostok. But there are many other cold places: In Antartica, in Alaska or in Asia. In 1915 the temperature in Himalaya was -48C eveyday for nine weeks. That is really cold!
But on these place are not only cold. In the summer there can be hot, too.
Not many animals and plants can live in a cold places, because there is not much of sun. But some animals like the snow - the polar bears, penguins, wolves. They have good hair on their bodies and lots of fat. They also sleep in the winter.
1. The coldest place in the world is in USA. TF
2. In Himalaya was more than -40C.TF
3.The polar bear is very thin. TF
4. Animals dont live there, because it is not sunny here. T F
5.Penguins sleep all the year. T F