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The Yip Yip Monsters

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The Yip Yip Monsters and the Telephone

What colour are the two Yip Yip monsters?
What animals are mentioned in the video?
What things are in a living room:
 sink     rug/carpet     armchair     bed     window  
 lamp     bath    sofa    stove    curtains    table
Now answer the questions about the picture: (use "yes" or "no"...)
Can you see a lamp?
Can you see a orange sofa?
Can you see three pictures?
Can you see a plant?
Can you see curtains?
Can you see a dog?
Now say where things are... Use "on, behind, next to, between, in front of."

Where's the lamp? It's  the table.
Where's the big picture? It's  the window and the little picture.
Where the carpet? It's  the sofa.
Where the plant? It's  the sofa.
Where's the table? It's  the sofa.

*Where's the dog? The dog is  the sofa.