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The Yip Yip Monsters

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The Yip Yip Monsters and the Telephone

What colour are the two Yip Yip monsters?
What animals are mentioned in the video?
What things are in a living room:
�sink � ��rug/carpet � ��armchair �� �bed �� �window
�lamp �� �bath �sofa �stove��curtains �table
Now answer the questions about the picture: (use "yes" or "no"...)
Can you see a lamp?
Can you see a orange sofa?
Can you see three pictures?
Can you see a plant?
Can you see curtains?
Can you see a dog?
Now say where things are... Use "on, behind, next to, between, in front of."

Where's the lamp? It's �the table.
Where's the big picture? It's �the window and the little picture.
Where the carpet? It's �the sofa.
Where the plant? It's �the sofa.
Where's the table? It's �the sofa.

*Where's the dog? The dog is �the sofa.