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A really fun five senses game

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A fun five senses game. Ages 7 upwards. Adaptable 
( The teacher must be sure that students don´t have any food allergies before doing this lesson) 
If necessary revise Nose, Hands, Eyes, Ears and Mouth at the beginning of the class.
 For higher levels begin with teaching; I smell with my nose, I feel with my hands, I see with my eyes, I hear with my ears and I taste with  my mouth/tongue.
 A student comes to sit at the front of the class. They might be a bit shy at first but they soon loosen up as this lesson is lots of fun.You´ll need to bring in samples of coffee, cheese, honey, chocolate, fruit bits, lemons etc. some would be for tasting and others for smelling but mustn´t let the class see what you´ve brought in.
 Also bring in a bag of things to feel like a ruler, a sharpener, a rubber a glue stick (can also be used for smell) a pencil etc. any small object will do and
a collection of flashcards of any lexical topic to be used for "I can see a..." Finally you need objects for "I can hear.." that can be used to drop on the floor like a pair of scissors or a plastic ruler, you can also clap your hands or have another student whisper a word and the student  guesses who  it was.
 If not using the sense of sight the teacher blindfolds the student and asks "what can you smell?" while wafting something under their nose.
The student answers "I can smell a.." or "what can you hear?" while you drop something on the floor etc.
When doing the sense of sight , another student stands at the back of the class and flashes up a flashcard and the student answers "I can see"
I have done this students of all ages and it´s always  hysterical.
I wouldn´t advise doing it until you know the students well as a certain amount of trust is needed.