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Articles: Definite and Indefinite

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Articles : Definitive and indefinitive
   1.  Correct or incorrect?
       'I  always eat an orange but not an banana' 
          'Every day I eat an apple but not a kiwi' 
   2. Complete with a / an:
        apple             hat                  elephant
        kiwi                 watch               pen
        onion             owl            telephone
        tomato               frog                eagle
      3. Look for the following words : APPLE, EAGLE, ELEPHANT, FROG, HAT, KIWI, ONION, OWL, PEN, TELEPHONE, TOMATO, WATCH.

   4 . Complete with a / an / the
            ' orange is on the table'  
            ' My father is artist'
            ' She cut cake into pieces'
            ' boy likes flying kites'
            '  kitten loves to climb trees'
            ' Look at lion'
            'The king lives in castle'
            'She has ice-cream'
            'You can't go out, it's rainy day'
            'He eats apple every day'