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So do I or Neither do I

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So do I!� Neither do I!�

So � I and Neither � Iare used when agreeing with someone's opinion.� It's usually used in the first person, but it can be used in other ways.� See the examples below.

So + auxiliary verb or�do�+ subject

Use�this form to agree with someone's positive statement.
Ex.:���Catherine loves bowling.� So does Karen.
��������� I can play the piano.�So can I.
����������She's going to Sydney next week.� So am I.

Neither + Auxiliary Verb or Do + Subject

Use this form like "So...I" except when agreeing with someone's negative statement.
Ex:���� I don't like broccoli.� Neither�do I.
����������She can't type very well.� Neither can he.
����������We haven't seen each other in a long time.� Neither have we.

Now try the following exercises!� Listen carefully to the sentences and type your answer�in the box.
Make sure you use a CAPITAL LETTER to start your answer and�use a� .� at the end.



� (she)�
� (I)�
� (we)�

Look at the following sentences.� Choose the correct response from the dropdown box.
1.� I am going home now.�
2.� I can't�go out tonight.�
3.� They don't like skiing.�
4.� Actually, we've never been to Sydney.�
5.� They aren't leaving until Sunday.
6.� Sarah doesn't want to go to church on Sunday.
7.� I really want to see a movie this weekend!�
8.� My husband can speak three languages.
9.� Oh no!� It's raining and I don't have my umbrella with me.
10.� I'm really cold right now.
11.� This computer's not working.
12.� Cathy says she doesn't feel very well.�