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So do I or Neither do I

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So do I!  Neither do I! 

So … I and Neither … I are used when agreeing with someone's opinion.  It's usually used in the first person, but it can be used in other ways.  See the examples below.

So + auxiliary verb or do + subject

Use this form to agree with someone's positive statement.
Ex.:   Catherine loves bowling.  So does Karen.
          I can play the piano. So can I.
          She's going to Sydney next week.  So am I.

Neither + Auxiliary Verb or Do + Subject

Use this form like "So...I" except when agreeing with someone's negative statement.
Ex:     I don't like broccoli.  Neither do I. 
          She can't type very well.  Neither can he.
          We haven't seen each other in a long time.  Neither have we. 

Now try the following exercises!  Listen carefully to the sentences and type your answer in the box.
Make sure you use a CAPITAL LETTER to start your answer and use a  .  at the end.




Look at the following sentences.  Choose the correct response from the dropdown box.
1.  I am going home now. 
2.  I can't go out tonight. 
3.  They don't like skiing. 
4.  Actually, we've never been to Sydney. 
5.  They aren't leaving until Sunday.
6.  Sarah doesn't want to go to church on Sunday.
7.  I really want to see a movie this weekend! 
8.  My husband can speak three languages.
9.  Oh no!  It's raining and I don't have my umbrella with me.
10.  I'm really cold right now.
11.  This computer's not working.
12.  Cathy says she doesn't feel very well.