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The dinosaur song

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 Dinosaur Song

They used to . They used to .
They used to with a toothy grin.
Some ate and some ate .
Some walked around on just two feet.

Dinosaurs! Brains like peas!
that used to growl, groan, and moan.
Jaws and claws and teeth and bone…
Oh, the dinosaurs! Big as trees!

Some had feathers. Some had .
, clubs, and whip-like .
They fought like dragons. The earth sure shook.
The volcanoes sizzled and the lava cooked.


was a terrible king.
The ’ tail could really swing.
liked to stomp.
would chew and chomp.


They roamed the earth, a hundred million years…
without worries, cares, or fears.
Then one day they hit the soil…
now they’re fossils, gas, and oil!