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Put in the missing words (the first letter will help you) and in the correct past tense the verb in brackets(past simple, past continuous or past perfect)

Yesterday Sally (decide) to (go) for a walk in the  f with her friend Tom. Before leaving home they (make) some s so that they (can)  make a picnic under a tree. While they (walk)  they met some other friends who had the same idea. They (be) h  and they (start) singing.

They (spend)hours talking and walking . When they (get)tired they (sit)under a tree to share the sandwiches they (prepare) earlier at home.

 Suddenly they (have)a nasty surprise! Two  m (appear)in front of them and (ask)them to give them their sandwiches because they were tired and hungry. The kids (look)at each other not knowing what to do. They were a bit  a of them. One of them was young and the other one was old.

Finally Sally (say) to them they were (welcome)to share what they had but the young man would have to find some water because they (forget) to bring with them.