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Simple past or Past perfect - Some prepositions

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1. The police (arrive)�5 minutes after the alarm ( go off)�but by that time the thieves (go)
2. The phone (ring)as John was unlocking the door. It (be)his mother. He (talk)to her a few minutes, but he was really thinking about the party he (leave)�an hour before and in particular about the girl who (kiss)�him before he (take)��his taxi home.
3. Pat and I (go) �to the Chinese restaurant last night. The proprietress (be) �very happy to see us and (ask) �us why we (not be) �there for such a long time.
4. By a strange coincidence I (see) �her on a bus yesterday afternoon in Southampton and, three hours before, she (see) �me on a bus in Bournemouth.
5. When I (get) �home from holiday last month I (discover) �that the milkman ( not to stop) �delivering milk during my absence. There (be) �20 pints of milk outside my front door.
6. When he (come into) �the room he immediately ( realise) �that his daughter (give)�a party the night before. There (be) �15 bottles of wine on the table and a big mirror (fall off) �the wall and (smash) �on impact with the floor.
7. Last night Henry (break) �his mother's Chinese vase. She (be) �very angry,especially as she ( tell) �him earlier that evening never to touch it.
8. I (arrive) �at school ten minutes late on Wednesday and the lesson already (start) . But I (tell) �my teacher that I (be) �held up by heavy traffic and (apologise) �for disturbing the lesson.
9. At four o'clock Mrs Drury (give) �me another 15 letters to type. I ( point out) �that I (type) already �25 letters that morning and (tell) �her that I (not want)
to type any more.
�Sunday morning we got 10 0'clock. �getting dressed we had a huge breakfast and then went . As we were walking �the street we bumped �some friends we hadn't seen �a long time. We decided to invite them �lunch and 2 hours later we had a buffet �the terrace. We then lay �the sun all afternoon and, �the time it came to prepare supper, we were all hot and tired. " I wonder what's �The Pirate tonight", said John. " Let's have a look �the newspaper", Sally suggested. " There'll probably be something �it �The Weekly Star". We decided to go �town. It was quite a long way so we had to go �bus