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Lost love and the doll stories

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Complete these sentences about things which are different in the village. Use theses words:
petrol        horses        fire         drink         cook        clothes         car 
1.- The people in the village do not travel by  
2.- They use  to travel.
3.- The young man thinks people`s  are very strange.
4.- The people in the village  their food over a wood  
5.-They have a dark , brown  which is very strong.
6.-They do not know about  
There is something wrong in  each of these sentences. Make them right.
1.- Mr Brown lived in a big house in the  near the centre of town.
2.- Mr Brown didn`t have many friends but he was never bored. 
3.- Mr brown thought the doll was cheap.
4.- The ticket man on the train didn't like Mr Brown
5.- Mr brown put the doll on the floor when he had dinner.