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The Fault in our Stars multiple choice Chapter 1

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The Fault in Our Stars: Chapter One
Multiple Choice: Check the box of the best answer for each question. 
1. Why did the narratorʼs mother take her to a doctor?
  The narrator had a fever.
  The narrator acted depressed.
  The narrator ran out of medicine.
2. Why does the Support Group have a “rotating cast of characters”?
  The characters die.
  The characters dislike Patrick and donʼt return.
  The meetings move and people donʼt know where they are held.
3. What does Patrick always point out at meetings?
  The new treatment options.
  The food selection.
  The heart of Jesus.
4. What description best explains Hazelʼs cancer?
  Thyroid originally, now in her lungs.
  Settled in her bones, but curable.
  Brain tumor, not curable.
5. What “competitiveness” do those with cancer have?
  Over who has the worst cancer.
  Over who has the best doctor.
  Over who received the best wish.
6. How does Hazel describe Isaac?
  Glasses, blond hair.
  Short, with an amputated arm.
  Tall and overweight.
7. What would Hazel rather do than attend support group?
  Receive chemo.
 Watch “Americaʼs Next Top Model.”
  Take driving lessons.
8. Why does Hazel finally agree to attend support group?
  She wants the treats there.
  She feels sorry for her parents.
  She misses her friends there.
9. Why does Hazel take the stairs at the church?
  She does not want to look weak.
  The elevator is broken.
  She avoids the group leader in the elevator.
The Fault in Our Stars: Chapter One
10. How does Hazel describe the boy who stares at her?
11. What strategy does Hazel use with the boy who stares?
  She ignores him.
  She moves to the seat next to him.
  She stares back at him.
12. How does Augustus tease Isaac?
  Augustus uses cliches that apply to Isaacʼs medical circumstances.
  Augustus imitates Isaac and his girlfriend.
  Augustus laughs at Isaacʼs limp.
13. Who are Hazelʼs friends?
  Her dog and neighbor.
  People in chat rooms.
  Her parents and an author.
14. How does Augustus anger Hazel?
  He refuses to use her name.
  He pulls out a cigarette.
  He laughs at her bag.
15. Why does Hazel agree to go with Augustus?
  He explains a metaphor to her.
  He offers her lunch.
  He agrees to watch “Americaʼs Next Top Model.”