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The Fault in our Stars multiple choice Chapter 2

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The Fault in Our Stars: Chapter Two
Multiple Choice: Check the box of the best answer for each question. 
1. How does Augustus drive?
2. What is a Cancer Perk?
  Days that cancer patients feel better.
  Medicine that makes you happy.
  Little things cancer kids get that other kids don’t.
3. How did Hazel almost die?
  A car wreck.
  A lack of blood for transfusions.
4. Where is Hazel enrolled at school?
  The local high school.
  A community college.
  No where.
5. What are “Encouragements”?
  Quotes in Augustus’ house.
  Friendly notes sent to cancer kids.
  Daily religious reminders.
6. How does Gus’ dad describe other families at the hospital?
7. Where does Augustus want to watch the movie?
  In the basement.
  At the movie theater.
  On the back deck.
8. Why did Augustus stop playing basketball?
  He couldn’t see the point of playing.
  He hurt his leg.
  His coach cut him as a starter.
9. Who is in Augustus’ family?
  Two parents and two halfsisters.
  A mom and a brother.
  His grandparents raise him.
10. What is Hazel’s opinion of the movie?
  She loves it.
  She thought it was not that great.
  She wants to see the sequel.
11. Who drives the car to Hazel’s house?
  Hazel’s mom.
12. Hazel shares what interest of hers with Augustus?
  Researching cancer treatments.
  Cataloging movies.
13. Hazel imagines what about Augustus?
  What his fake leg looks like.
  What his hair feels like.
  When she will see him again.
14. When will Hazel call Augustus?
  The next day.
  When she finishes the book.
  Not now he will call her.
15. Where did Augustus write his phone number?
  In the book.
  On Hazel’s hand.
  On Hazel’s shoe.