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The Fault in our Stars multiple choice Chapter 3

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The Fault in Our Stars: Chapter Three
Multiple Choice: Check the box of the best answer for each question. 
1. Why does Hazel’s mom wake her?
  Hazel has a doctor’s appointment.
  Hazel has class.
  Augustus called her.
2. What is the job of a Professional Sick Person?
  Going to the doctor.
3. What did Hazel name her oxygen concentrator?
4. What day of celebration is is?
  Hazel’s half birthday.
  Arbor Day.
  Thanksgiving Eve.
5. What kind of social life does Kaitlyn have?
  Wide open.
6. Hazel buys what books at the bookstore?
  Two clearance ones.
  Sequels to The Prince of Dawn.
  A new vampire series.
7. Kaitlyn and Hazel share what?
  A pretzel.
  A scoop of icecream.
  A diet soda.
8. Kaitlyn and Hazel shop for what?
9. What does Jackie want from Hazel?
  To try on her cannula.
  To listen to her lungs.
  To ask about doctors.
10. Why does Hazel not feel natural talking to Kaitlyn?
  People feel awkward and selfconscious around Hazel.
  Kaitlyn was too boy crazy.
  Kaitlyn never reads books.