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The Fault in our Stars multiple choice Chapter 6

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The Fault in Our Stars: Chapter Six

Multiple Choice: Check the box of the best answer for each question.
1. How did Hazel’s mom first react to Augustus’ plan?
  She said she did not like Augustus very well and would not accept it.
  She said they could not accept the plan from a virtual stranger.
  She said it was thrilling but she would talk to Hazel’s doctor.
2. Who helps Hazel with her questions about Augustus?
  Her mother.
3. Who is famous in Indiana?
  The governor.
  Basketball players.
  Hazel’s doctor.
4. What does Hazel realize about Caroline Mathers?
  She and Caroline had the same cancer.
  She and Caroline look similar.
  She and Caroline lived on the same street.
5. Hazel compares herself to what?
  An email.
  A cat.
  A grenade.
6. Why does Hazel decide she doesn’t want to kiss Augustus?
  She doesn’t want to hurt him.
  She is not physically attracted to him.
  She knows he is untrustworthy.
7. Hazel imagines what while she and Augustus text?
  Augustus at her funeral.
  Snuggling Augustus.
  Augustus’ exgirlfriend.
8. How does Hazel try to sleep?
  With the space heater cranked up.
  With her headphones on.
  On the couch, propped up.
9. Hazel’s mom gives her what to snuggle?
  A blanket.
  A new stuffed bear.
10. Why does Hazel wake in the middle of the night?
  Augustus texted her.
  She has a terrible pain in her head.
  She hears her mom crying.