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The Fault in our Stars multiple choice Chapter 7

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The Fault in Our Stars: Chapter Six

Multiple Choice: Check the box of the best answer for each question.
1. How does Hazel comfort herself while in pain?
  By telling herself that the body shuts down when the pain gets too bad.
  By creating images of heaven in her mind.
  By talking to her mom.
2. How did Hazel know she was in the ICU?
 She saw her mom in a surgical cover.
  She was alone.
  She knew the nurse.
3. Why did Hazel have a headache?
  She had poor oxygenation.
  Her cancer has spread.
  She was not eating properly.
4. Hazel had what procedure?
  A tumor removal.
  A lung transplant.
  Fluid drained.
5. What does Allison tell Hazel?
  A boy has been in the waiting room for her.
  A boy keeps calling her hospital room.
  Her parents wouldn’t let the boy see her.
6. Dr. Jim tells Hazel what?
  Healthy food stops cancer’s growth.
  Sleep fights cancer.
  Parents know best.
7. What won’t Hazel do that Augustus wants her to do?
  Hold hands.
  Rewatch his favorite movie.
8. Where did Hazel read Peter Van Houten’s letter?
  Home, in bed.
  The hospital. 
  Home, on the couch.
9. What does Peter Van Houten tell Augustus in the letter?
  He has no desire to meet anyone.
  Hazel is correct.
  He will pay for the cancer treatment.
10. What is Hazel going to ask Dr. Maria?
  About a lung transplant.
  About quitting college.
  About international travel.