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The Fault in our Stars multiple choice Chapter 8

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The Fault in Our Stars: Chapter Eight

Multiple Choice: Check the box of the best answer for each question.
1. The Cancer Team discusses what?
  Hazel’s Phalanxifor working.
  Hazel’s desire to quit school.
  Hazel and her parents’ relationship.
2. Why can Hazel not have a lung transplant?
  Her parents have poor insurance.
  She is not a strong candidate.
  She is too young.
3. What comment did Hazel’s mom make that still haunts Hazel?
  She wishes Hazel’s battle would end.
  She won’t be a mom anymore when Hazel dies.
  She wants another baby.
4. Dr. Maria says what about Hazel going to Amsterdam?
  She will travel with Hazel.
  It’s Hazel’s life.
5. How does Hazel imagine the BIPAP machine?
  As a dragon.
  As a parent.
  As dead weight.
6. What is Hazel’s reaction to her swingset?
  She reminisces beside it.
  She cries.
  She is angry and kicks it.
7. Who picks up the swingset?
  A man who wants his kids to play outside.
  A junk collector.
  A single mom.
8. What does Augustus do before he leaves Hazel’s house?
  Tousled her hair.
  Hugs her.
  Kisses her cheek.
9. What does Hazel’s mom tell her?
  Dr. Maria said to go on the trip.
  They cannot afford Amsterdam.
  She wants to take a trip to Disney World.

10. What is Hazel’s plan?
  To trick her parents.
  To stay alive another week.
  To ask for another wish.