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Is or Are Animals Can Questions LI 02

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Verb to be Animals
Verb to Be, Animals, Can it/ Does it Know how to? Questions
1. Verb to Be - Is or Are? Affirmative and Negative. Don't forget articles
Positive                                                                           Negative

A cat  animal.                                        Dogs  insects

Portuguese  language.                              Spanish and Japanese  countries

Butterflies  insects.                                            A shark   animal.

Chris  a strong man.                                            Chris  ugly.

 2. Animals and Verbs - Present Simple. Complete the sentence with the correct form of the verb.
The eagle  (fly) high in the sky.                           The hippo  (be) very fat.
Toucans  (live) in trees.                                       The elephants  (be) very big.
The parrot  (speak) English.                             Crocodiles  (swim) in the river.
Vultures  (eat) dead animals.                                 The shark  (swim) in the sea.
Rhinos  (be) very dangerous.                                 A snake  (be) very dangerous.
The giraffe  (be) very tall.                                       Kangaroos  (jump) high.       
Tigers  (have) black stripes.                                 A monkey  (climbs) trees.
A jaguar  (have) spots.                                            The lion  (be) king of the jungle.
 3. Questions using Can it and Does it know how to...? AND SHORT ANSWERS
a. USE CAN...                                            the eagle/speak English         Can the eagle speak English?                                     No, it can't.
b. USE Does/Do ___ know how to...         the eagle/speak English         Does the eagle know how to speak English?             Yes, it does.
a. Use Can      
vultures/fly    .      a toucan/speak .
hippos/sing    ?   .   the kangaroo/jump .
b. Use Does/Do ___ know how to....
zebras/run .   sharks/swim 
the lion/play the piano 
4. Questions in Present Simple Verb to be or Verb to do.
Ask me questions about the following information. Use the answers for help. REMEMBER DO for plural and DOES for singular
The lion is the king of the Jungle. The monkeys live in the trees. The jaguar wakes up at night. The hippo is from Africa. Sharks swim every day.
Is ? Yes, the lion is king of the jungle.
Where ? The hippo is from Africa.                     Do? Yes, the monkeys live in trees.
When ?The jaguar wakes up at night.           Why? because the monkeys like trees. 
What ? The monkeys (live in trees).                      How often? Sharks swim every day.