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Articles Verbs Ability Questions LI 01

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1. Articles - An/A

  pig is  animal.                      Spanish is  language.                            Sao Paulo is  city.

Arabic is                                 A bee is                                 Brazil is
2. Verbs - Present Simple Affirmative and Negative 
Affirmative                                                                   Negative
I  (sing) in the shower.                                                                 I (dance) at London Pub.
He  (draw) on the paper every night.                                        He (jump) into the pool.
You  (eat) chicken at night.                                                          You (drink) beer at night.
She  (fix) things at work.                                                           She (paint) her walls red.
They  (skate) in the streets.                                                       They (swim) every morning.
We  (surf) at Rio de Janeiro every summer.                               We (ski) every winter.
It  (cook) beans very quickly.                                                     It (play) with balls.
I like  (run) every day.                                                                               You don't like  (walk) in the park.
She likes  (fly) instead of drive.                                                               He doesn't like  (talk) on the phone.
They like  (kiss) goodbye                                                                        We don't like  (play) guitar.
3. Can you...? Do you know how to...? With short answers 
Can you sing?                   Yes, .            Do you know how to play tennis?    Yes, .
Can she speak English?    No, .      Does he know how to paint?             No, .
4. Questions: I like to play tennis every Wednesday afternoon.
Ask me questions about playing tennis. The Answer will help you.
Do you Yes, I play tennis.                                          
What ?  I like to play tennis.
Where ? I play tennis at the club.
Why ? Because I like it.
When ? I play tennis in the afternoon.
Who ? I play tennis with my friend.
How often ?  I play tennis every Wednesday afternoon.