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Clothes, Adjective - Opposites, Questions related to Clothes
1. Grammar: Opposite Adjectives

The boy is not sad. He is�happy� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � The weather�isn't hot.�

My brother isn't rich. �����������������������My hair isn't long.�

My jeans aren't dirty. �������������� �Tati and Gabi�aren't ugly.�

Houses aren't cheap. �������� �Brazilian drivers�aren't slow.�

English isn't difficult. ����������������������My mother isn't short.�

The window isn't closed. �����������������The road isn't quiet.�

Drugs aren't safe. ��������������������Lemons aren't sweet.�
2. Fill in the missing places with the verb "WEAR".
What�? I am wearing a shirt, shorts and shoes.� �������What��every winter? I wear a coat and jeans.
I like �flip flops �to the beach.������������������������������������������������ �Yesterday, I��shoes and shorts.
When it's cold I �a jacket and a scarf.���������������������������������������� � �She usually �a dress and high heals to weddings.�
I always �socks when I��shoes.�
3. Get Dressed/Put on/Take off�
What time��in the morning? I usually get dressed at 7:15.
She �every morning after her shower.�
A: What is �Gabi doing? B: She is��for the wedding. It takes a long time usually
When it's hot I��my sweater.������� �
When it's cold I �my sweater.
I �my socks before I��my shoes.
I �my shoes before I��my socks.�
4. Question Words. Ask questions about the following sentence. Use the Answers for help.
Chris likes to wear shorts to work because pants and jeans are too hot.
?�Yes, Chris wears shorts to work.
What�? Chris wears shorts�to work.
When�? Chris goes to work at 8:00
Where�? Chris wear shorts to work
Why�? Because it is too hot for pants or jeans
Who�? Chris wears shorts to work
How often�? Chris wears shorts to work every day.
Can�? Yes, he can wear shorts to work.