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Messages 2 - Unit 1 Review

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Present simple
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Present Simple Exercises!
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Unit 1 Review (Messages 2)
1a. THERE IS / THERE ARE (Complete the sentences with THERE IS or THERE ARE. Then match the sentences with the places in the box.) 
 Australia              London              the USA              San Francisco              New York              Canada
a) People speak English and French here.  7 million French speakers.     
b)  a big park called Central Park.       
c) This is a very big country in the south Pacific.  only 20 million people.      
d)  a famous bridge here, called the Golden Gate Bridge.      
e)  50 states. My favourite is California.     
f)  a big clock called Big Ben.      
1b. Complete the sentences. Use the right form of THERE IS / THERE ARE.
a)  some lemonade in the kitchen.        e)  any good CDs in this shop?
b)  elephants in Asia and Africa.             f) I want to make an omelette, but  any eggs.
c)  an email message from Lisa.            g)  a computer in the library?
d) You can have some bread, but  any butter.          h)  an internet cafe in West Road.
2a. Complete the sentences. Use CAN or CAN'T with the words in the box.
 walk                       swim                         spell                       fly                  jump                   speak
a)b)             c)
   Martin  .         The tourist   English.      Amy   nearly two metres.
d)   e) 
       Tom   a word.                            Tony   on his hands.
f) Superman  .
2b. Look at the information in the table and complete Rosa's sentences. Use CAN or CAN'T.
  run fastplay tennis  read  music speak German Speak Spanish
 Rosa no yes yes no yes
 Sam yes no no no yes
 My name's Rosa. I  music and I like playing the piano. I  tennis but I'm not very good at it because I  fast. My friend Sam  tennis but he  fast and he loves athletics. He  music. Sam and I  Spanish but we  German.
3. Word work - Odd one out (Which word is the odd one out?)
a)  phone      tree      large      city                        d)  eyes      spiders      wings      knees
b)  swim      sport      run      fly                            e)  cup      coffee      juice      tea
c)  bats      aeroplanes      tarantulas      ballons     f)  cheetah      owl      lion      penguin
4a. HAVE GOT - Complete the sentences. Use HAVE/HAVEN'T GOT or HAS/HASN'T GOT with the words in the box.
 a CD player                   a ticket                   a cold                   a lot of homework                   a racket
a) I can't play tennis because I .
b) Susan can't go to the concert because she .
c) Jill and Ann can listen to music in bed because they  in their room.
d) Steve can't go to school because he .
e) Sam and Ella can watch television this evening because they .
4b. Write the sentences. Use the right form of HAVE GOT.
a) Nicole / a brother and a sister                                e) Spiders / eight legs
.                                     .
b) We / a new television                                             f) I / not / any money
.                                              .
c) My friend James / long black hair                            g) you / a camera?
.                                   ?  
d) Matt / not / a mobile phone                                    h) Sally / any pets?
.                                            ?
5. Reading - Read the text about the AfriCat Centre. Are sentences a-h true or false?
        Africa's 'big cats' (cheetahs, leopards and lions) are in danger.                                 The AfriCat Centre wants to help them. The centre is in Namibia in southwest Africa. There's a hospital for the animals, and there's an education centre too.
        In Namibia the big cats are a problem because they sometimes kill farm animals. The farmers often try to catch them or kill them.
        A lot of tourists go to Namibia because they want to see the big cats. Tourism is important for this part of Africa. This is another reason why the AfriCat wants to protect the wild animals there.    
        Schoolchildren from all over Namibia visit the AfriCat Centre. They meet the cheetahs, leopards and lions and they learn about the importance of helping Africa's wildlife. They try to find an answer to the question 'How can the big cats and Namibia's farmers live together? 
a) Namibia is a country in southwest Africa.     
b) 'In danger' means 'dangerous'.      
c) The people at AfriCat want to save Namibia's cheetahs, leopards and lions.      
d) The people at AfriCat want to kill farm animals.      
e) Namibia's big cats are a problem because they kill farmers.      
f) The big cats aren't good for tourism.      
g) The people at AfriCat meet a lot of Namibia's schoolchildren.      
h) 'How can the big cats and Namibia's farmers live together?' This is a difficult question.      
6. Vocabulary revision - Adjectives (Complete the crossword with adjectives.)


5 It's very sunny. The sky's blue. It's a _____ day. (9 letters) 
6 The opposite of 'serious'. (5 letters) 
7 This word means 'really good' and it also begins with 'g'. (5 letters)
1 Everyone likes Sadie. They always say, 'Sadie's _____' (4 letters)
2 This word means 'very bad'. (5 letters)
3 This word describes James Bond films. (8 letters)
4 This word means 'really fantastic'. (9 letters)
5 The opposite of 'interesting'. (6 letters) 
7. Object pronouns - HIM/HER/IT/THEM - Write sentences. Use the words in the box.
 I like (x2)                 Can I speak to                I can't find                I never wear                   I don't like
a) Where are my glasses?                                    
b) What do you think of my new trainers?                 
c) I've got a message for Mr. Grant.           ?
d) You can have this T-shirt.                                  
e) I love Miss Dynamite loud music.          x                                    
f) What do you think of the pizza? Mmm...           
8. Interests and activities - What are their interests? Match the people with the words in the box!
 computer games, swimming, meeting friends, horror films, using the Internet, going shopping, athletics, going out
a) I see Jack and Helen every Saturday. We sit in a cafe and talk.       
b) It's called 'Megatron'. Do you want to play it? 
c) What are the shops like here?                                                          
d) I can run 100 metres in 12.5 seconds. 
e) It's great. They've got a new 50-metre pool at the sports centre.                
f) I hate staying home in the evening. 
g) I've got 'Voices in the night' on video. It's really scary. I love it!           
h) I've got a website now. It's called www... 
9. LIKE/ENJOY/HATE + -ing (Make sentences!)
a) What / Ben / like / do?         ?
c) Sadie / not like / watch / football on TV.          .
e) Kate / like / live in Bristol?          ?
b) Matt / enjoy / read / astronomy magazines.          .               
d) Joe / hate / get up / on Monday morning.          .                 
f) Tom / love / play cards.          .
10a. Complete the questions!
a) You want to know where someone lives.              d) You want to know what sort of food someone likes.
 live?                                                      you like?
b) You want to know someone's mobile number.      e) You want to know if someone has got any brothers.
 your mobile number?                                 brothers?
c) You want to know if someone can speak Italian.    f) You want to know what sb's favourite subjects are.
 you  Italian?                                        your favourite subjects?
10b. Write the questions!
a) your favourite colour?                           d) your address?                                   g) Where / live?
A: ?                        A: ?                            A: ?
B: Blue.                                                    B: 15 Greenway Street.                         B: I live in London.
b) like / horror films?                                e) owls / see / at night?
A: ?                            A: ?
B: No, I don't.                                           B: Yes, they can.
c) play / the guitar?                                   f) What / think / of this music?
A: ?                             A: ?
B: Yes, I can.                                            B: I don't like it very much.