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Have or Has/Daily Routine/Questions
1. Have or Has�
I �a dog.� ������������She��a cat.� ����������������They��two mice.�������������It a blue.
He��two birds.� ����You��a snake.� �������� We��a blue car.��������������� Paul��a big nose.
Anne and Sarah �a lot of money.����
2. Have/Has or Verb to be (am, is, are)
Hello! My name �John.�I �twenty years old.� �I���two dogs and a cat. My cat �afraid of the dogs, but my dogs don't��fear of anything. My cat��jealous of my dogs because I like my dogs more than my cat. My dogs��very friendly, but not when they��a toothache. Then they��grumpy and often try to bite other people. They��big teeth and��strong. The postman��scared of my dogs. That is why he��a big stick.
I am studying English with Chris. He �my teachcer. He��good grammar. He��from South Africa and��thirty years old. He��three brothers and a sister. His parents��five children.�
3. DAILY ROUTINE: At, Before, After, Then, Have and Has
I wake up every morning �6 o'clock.��I brush my teeth and��breakfast. �breakfast I brush my teeth again. I like to brush my teeth��and��breakfast.��I take a shower. I go to work��8 o'clock every morning. I��lunch 12:30.��lunch I like to��a nap.��I go back to work��2 o'clock. I usually get home �six thirty in the evening. I �dinner�at 2 o'clock.��dinner I wash the dishes. �I watch TV and��I shower and go to bed.��I go to bed I brush my teeth again. I��the same routine every day except on Saturdays and Sundays.
4. Asking Questions about Routine
What ? I wake up at 6 o'clock.
When ? I brush my teeth before and after breakfast.
When�? I eat lunch at 12:30.
What ? After lunch I have a nap. (THINK HARD)
What ? I brush my teeth before I go to bed.�(THINK HARD)
? Yes, I have the same routine everyday.�
5. �Question Words: Ask the correct question about the story. Use the answers for help. The short answer is in BOLD
�John lives in Uberl�ndia. John has two dogs and a cat. He doesn't like his cat because it is unfriendly and nasty to the dogs.
He feeds his dogs at 18:00 everyday.Then he feeds his cat if he can find it.
Before he takes a shower John watches TV and has dinner.
? No, he doesn't like his cat.
? Yes, he has dogs.
What�? He feeds his dogs at 18:00.
What does John do ? After he feeds his dogs he feeds his cat.
When? He feeds his cat after he feeds his dogs.
Who�? John feeds his dogs.
What ? He has 2 dogs and a cat.
How ? He has 2 dogs.
Why �John like his cat? Because�it is unfriendly.�
? John lives in Uberl�ndia.