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The Garden Song

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Garden Song is in "J.D." 1979 album, that was re-released on CD in 2000.
Listen to the song & complete the missing words ;

by ��� , rw by rw
Gonna make this grow
All it takes is a and a
And a piece of fertile ground.

Inch by inch, row by row
Someone bless these I
Someone warm them from below
Till the comes tumblin' down

Pullin' and pickin'
Man is made of �and
Feel the need to grow my
'Cause the time is close at

Rainful rain, and
Find my way in nature's
Tune my body and my brain
To the music from the land

put the lines in the correct order :

�If you give her love and care
�Plant your rows straight and long
�Mother Earth will make you strong
Temper them with prayer and song
choose�the� the correct�word :

{Old / Young }�crow watchin' {��angrily / hungrily}
From his perch in yonder { tree / �three}
In { �your / my} garden I'm as free
As that feathered thief up {there / their}.

Words and music by Dave Mallett