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This/These/That/Those Feelings Questions LI11

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THIS/THESE, THAT/THOSE, FEELINGS - to be/to feel/get/make, Question Words
�bag belongs to Chris, but��bags don't.
�bags belong to Gabi.� �shirt also belongs to Gabi.
�mouse is very cute, but��rats are ugly.
�boy steals candy. He stole��chocolates yesterday.
�children are studying English with ��teacher over there.
�table is in the sun. Lets go to��table there.
�sunglasses belong to Mike.��sunglasses belong to George.
FEELINGS - I am/I feel/I get/Make me���������� �Ask the correct Question and then fill in the correct feeling
QUESTIONS COULD BE: When do you/What are you/What makes you
�What�?���������������������� �Seeing sick children makes me�.
�What�?������� �I am��about Brazil's future.
�When�? I get��when I see my wife talking to other men.
?� � ���������������I get��when my students don't do their homework.�
?�������� �I get��when I can't speak English to gringos.
?�������������� I get��when I watch football and my team is winning.
?������� �I am��about many things, especially nature.
?��������������������I am��of my children.
?�������������������I feel��when I meet new people.
?������������� I feel��when I watch horror movies late at night.�
Ask the correct Questions about the following sentence. Use the answers for help. The short answers are in BOLD.
I get frustrated when I can not pronounce some words correctly in Portuguese. Especially the words for donkey, mud and neighborhood.
? I get frustrated when I can't pronounce words in Portuguese.��
? Not pronouncing words correctly makes me frustrated.
? I get frustrated because I can't speak Portuguese properly.
? I get frustrated every day.��
? I get frustrated�(I do/me).
How�?� I can't pronounce three words.
Where ? I learn Portuguese at home.�