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Passive voice

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1. The mistake has already been by him.

2. The family has from their vacation already.
3. She was seen  in the garden.
4. David was asked smoking cigarette. 
5. The birds were seen in the sky.
6.The instructions must  precisely.
7. The United Nations  to begin fund raising for the earthquake victims. 
8. The dishes by Mary. 
9. The new house next year.
10. Dinosaurs thousands years ago.
11. Please have the documents
12. A second attempt was made to collect from the space probe 
13. The photos,  by the amateur photographers, are going to be on display. 
14. During the experiment, people  to use calculators if necessary.
15. I'm sure you will soon grow to the new work environment.
16. You had   have your teeth checked at least once a year.
17. snow, the mountain looks fantastic.