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YES/NO Questions, Where Questions, How far/How long, Hobbies
Yes/No Questions: Ask the question and give the short answer according to the sentences.
EG: ���Is Chris your teacher?� ����Yes, he is.���� �(Chris is my teacher.)
������������Is Chris your teacher? �����No, he isn't. (Chris is not my teacher.)
Q:?�������� ���A:.�����(She works in Uberlandia.)
Q:?�������A:.�����(He doesn't eats bacon for breakfast.)
Q:? � � � � � � � �A:. � � � � (He is from South Africa)
Q:?�������������A:. � � � � �(I wear shorts to work often.)
Q:?���������A:.��������(I don't come from South Africa.)
Q:? � � � � � � A:.����(They aren't speaking Chinese.)
Q:?������������A:.�������(We don't play tennis every Saturday.)
Q:? � � � � � � � � �A:.�������(They speak Chinese.)�
Q:? � � � � � � �A:.�����������(He is wearing shorts now.)
Q:?������������A:.��������(They live in Uberlandia.)
Q:? � � � � � � � � � � � � � A:.���� ��(She is not young.)�
Ask the correct question according to the answer.
Q: ?���������������������A: In California.����������������(Peter works in California)
Q: ?�������A: Yes, he does.������������� ��(Peter works in California)�
Q: ?������������������������������� ���A: At home.�������������������� ��(I am at home.)�
Q: ?������������������������������� A: Yes, I am.���������������������(I am at home.)
Q: ?������������������� ���A: At the Beach Club.�������(Bill swims at the beach club)
Q: ?��A: Yes, he does.����������������(Bill swims at the beach club)
Q: ?���������������������� A: At UFU.���������������������� �(She studies at UFU.)
Q: ?������������������� �A: Yes, she does.����������������(She studies at UFU.)�
Questions with How far or How long. Ask the correct Question.
When you want to ask about distance between two places we can use How far or How long. How Far refers to distance. How Long refers to time.
How far is it from your house to your work?���� �It is 5km from my house to my work. Sometimes you can answer in time: It is 5 minutes.
How long does it take to get from your house to your work?� �It takes 5 minutes to get from my house to my work.
Q:�?� ����A:�It is 5km from here to the beach.�
Q: ?�� �A: It takes 5 minutes to get to the beach from here.
Q: ?�������A: My house is 2 km from the supermarket.�
Q: ? ���A: It takes 2 minutes to get from my house to the supermarket.
Ask the correct Question. Use the answers to help you. The short answers are in BOLD.
? Yes, I do. (Yes, I have hobbies)�
? My hobbies�are gardening, photography and exercising.
? I exercise at the gym.�
? I exercise in the morning.�
? I exercise because it keeps me healthy.�
? I exercise with my wife.�
? I exercise everyday.
? I have 3 flowers in my garden.�
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