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Have got

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1.Complete the sentence.Use a, an or some.

  1.I live in Plymouth. Plymouth is  city in the southwest of England.
  2.I've got  sister and  brother and  pets.
  3.Today I've got  umbrella,  crisps and  apple in my bag.
  4.I've got  photos of Csitiano Ronaldo.
  5.Cristiano is  footballer.He's in Hello! this week
  6. Hello! is  English magazine.
2.Complete the sentences.Use some or any
  1.Have you got  football socks?
  2.I've got  socks, but I haven't got  football socks.
  3. Have you got  brothers or sisters?
  4. I haven't got  sisters.
  5. Have you got  American friends?
  6.I've got  English friends, but I haven't got  American friends.
  7. Have you got  photos of England?
  8.Yes,I've got  photos of London.
3.Put the words in the right order and make sentences. 
 1. badges? / you/ have/ got / any
 2. haven't/ calculator. / got/ a/ you 
 3.Sadie/ Lisa/ and/ tissues/ have/ some/ got 
 4. a/ and /Joe/ Sadie / have / tortoise? / got  
 5. they/ snake /a / haven't got  
6. you/ dictionaries? / any/ got/ have