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Comparative and superlatives

  1. Make sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the adjective in brackets.
    1. Bill Gates is  man in the world. (rich)
    2. Cats are  dogs. (independent)
    3.Table tennis is  sport in China. (popular)
    4. John is  boy in the class.He never does any homework. (lazy)
    5.Cheetahs can run  horses. (fast)
    6. Morroco is  Sweden. (hot)
    7.My  friend's name is Paul. (good)
    8. Julie's hair is  Sally's. (curly)
  2.Complete the sentences. Use  as...as
      1. The book was better than the film. The film  the book.
      2. Simon is 15 years old and David is 14. David  Simon.
      3.China is the biggest country in the world. England  China.
      4. Claire has got longer hair than Jane. Jane's hair  Claire's.
      5. The DVD costs € 11.99 and the book costs € 6.99 . The book  the DVD.
      6. Bikes are slower than cars. Bikes cars.
      7. Maths is more difficult than English. Maths  English.
  Asking for a description
   3.Complete the questions using the words in the box.Then match the questions with the answers.(a-h).
      do (x 2)      does        is (x3)     are (x2)
      1.What  Tom like?                                                                     a. I've got short black hair and I wear glasses
      2. What  your school like?                                                         b. No, I'm more hard-working than him.
      3.  you as lazy as your brother?                                                c. It's nice. It's got three bedrooms and a big living room.
      4.   you look like your brother?                                                  d. He's very generous and quite clever
      5. What  your grandparents like?                                              e. He's quite tall.He's got blue eyes and he's very good-looking
      6. What  Tom look like ?                                                         f. No,he much taller than me and he's got darker hair.
      7. What  your flat like?                                                               g. It's very big. T's got more than 2000 students.
      8. What  you look like?                                                               h. They're quite easy-going.
            1                2              3              4             5                 6             7           8
   Comparatives and superlatives
     4. Choose the right word.
          1. My brothers are  than my father.
          2. Anne isn't as  as Toby.
          3. Louise is  than Elizabeth.
          4. I think it's the  song in the world!
          5. Indian food is very different  Italian food.
          6. Jane is the  intelligent girl in the class.
          7. American football isn't the same  soccer.
          8. The theatre is  than the cinema.