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What have you got? (extra exercises-Messages 1)

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 a /an or some

    1.Complete the sentences with a, an or some.
      1. I've got  CDs in my room.
      2. We've got  sandwiches for lunch.
      3. They've got  umbrella.
      4. Joe and Sadie have got   dog called Sam.
      5. You've got  keys in your pocket.
      6. They've got  English dictionary.
      7. Terry and Alan have got  computer games.
      8. I've got  bike and  skateboard.
  have got + some/any  
     2. Make sentences. Use the right form of have got with some or any. 
           1. I/ got / peanuts              I've got  some peanuts
           2. They/ got / books           
           3. you/ got / crisps?           
           4. We/ not got / cousins.    
           5. they / got /photos ?        
           6. I / not got / tissues          
           7. We / got / badges           
           8. They / not got/ friends    
     Possessive  's 
    3. Complete the sentences.Use the possessive 's.
        1 This is  Jack's watch. ( Jack) 
        2.I've got   pencil case. (Diana)
        3.  lunchbox is in his bag. (Lee)
        4. Where's  bike?  (your friend)
        5. He's got  umbrella.  (his father)
        6. What's  name?   (your cat)
        7. She's   grandmother. (Bill and Clare)
        8. Where's  house?   (your aunt and uncle)
   Possesssive adjectives 
    4. Complete the sentences with possessive adjectives. 
       1. She good at maths but  favourite subject is art.
       2. I live with  mother and father in London.
       3. Mark is a student.  school is in North Road.
       4. We live in Exeter.  address is 8 Turret Street.
       5.  I've got a sister.  name's Emma and she'e eight.
       6. Alex and Caroline are in France with parents.
       7. Emma, can I use  calculator, please?
       8. Tom is fifteen. It's  birthday today.