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Listen to the song and fill in the missing lyrics with
the words below.
more            me            adore            make it            extraordinary            see
you            break it            two            make it            than            made
L is for the way you look at .
O is for the only one I .
V is very, very .
E is even than anyone that I can.
Love is all that I can give to .
Love is more just a game for .
Two in love can .
Take my heart but please don't .
Love was for me and you. 
Answer the following questions.
1) What words rhyme with love?
live          dove         lone          stove      glove
2) What words rhyme with more?
  most       store       stare      mirror      door
3) What does "extraordinary" mean?
ordinary                not ordinary         very special          good
4) What does "adore" mean?
to like someone or something
to love someone or something a little
the same as "a door"
to love someone or something very much